Hospice and Home Health Care

Hospice Policy and Procedures $2500.00

This comprehensive Hospice and policy and procedures includes the following topics Section 1- HIPPA, Section 2-Rights & Responsibilities, Section 3-IDT Plan of Care, Section 4-Patient Care, Section 5- Nursing Procedures, Section 6 –Support Services, Section 7, Information Management, Section 8- Safety and Infection Control, Section 9, Human Resources, Section 10- Disaster Preparedness, Section 11- Patient Education, Section 12- Finance & Budget, Section 13- Continuous Quality Improvement, Section 14- Corporate Compliance. On CD-Rom.

Medical Home Health Policies and Procedures $2500.00

Agency staff can spend endless hours on the critical task of ensuring that policies and procedures are reviewed and updated every time a regulation is released.

This manual is a single, comprehensive resource for Medicare and CDC requirements, as well as newly added ACHC and CHAP along with OSHA and revised JCAHO standards. Policies and procedures that provide supportive documentation and direction for agency staff are also included.

Sections Include: Administration, Governing, Client Care, and Personnel. Click here for a detailed listing of sections.

Be confident that you can easily customize your manual to meet the specific needs of your agency and state requirements with the FREE CD-ROM.

Nurse Staffing Policies & Procedures $400.00

Staffing policies and procedures for nurses and home health personnel is a vital part of every home health agency. This comprehensive Staffing Personnel policies and procedures includes policies and procedures for: Discipline, Harassment, Confidentiality, Dress Code, Cancellation by a client,Tardiness, Payroll, Holidays, Drug Abuse, Smoking, Incident Reports, Orientation, Assignments and Scheduling. For the employee it also includes: 3 page Employment Application, Acknowledgement of HIPPA, Confidentiality Statement, Skills Check List,Drug Screen Authorization Form, Physician Statement Form, Health Statement & Immunization Form, Reference Sheet Form and Consent to Background Investigation Form.  This Staffing Personnel manual comes in a three ring binder as well as on disk so that it may be altered to your own home health agency

Non-Medical Home Based Care $275.00

The newest Model in the Continuum of Care , Non Medical Home Based Care  is most in-demand, but so new, it is not as yet regulated by every state.   This interesting easy- to-read manual addresses such issues as:  How to Start a Non-Medical Home Based Care Business, Three Training Levels for Employees, Support Agencies, Philosophy of Home Based Care, Client Description, Services and Standards of Care, Non Medical Quality Assessment, Accreditation and Certification, and much, much more.

Non Medical Home Care Policy and Procedures $420.00

This comprehensive package includes:
Section I: Organization & Administration, Vision & Values, Organizational Structure, Service Areas, Staffing & Staff Structure, etc.
Section II: Scope of Services. Personal Care Services, Homemakers Services, Companion Services, Respite Services, Chore Service.
Section III: Service Delivery & Client Care,
Section IV: Human Resources, Recruitment, Selection and Hiring, Pre-employment Background Checks, Job Descriptions, Training & Development, etc.
Section V: Health & Safety, Employee Safety, Home Environment Safety, Infection Control, Universal Precautions, etc.
Section VI: Financial Management,
Section VII: Quality & Risk Management,
Section Eight; Forms


[ ] $2500 - Hospice Policies and Procedures
[ ] $2500 - Medical Home Health Policies and Procedures
[ ] $400 - Nurse Staffing Policies & Procedures
[ ] $275 - Non-Medical Home Based Care
[ ] $420 - Non Medical Home Care Policy and Procedures

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