Personal Care Homes (PCHs) are residences that provide shelter, meals, supervision and assistance with personal care tasks, typically for older people, or people with physical, behavioral health, or cognitive disabilities who are unable to care for themselves but do not need nursing home or medical care.

Personal care homes are a lower cost than nursing homes and in a setting that can allow residents to “age-in-place” for a longer period of time. Many larger personal care homes are similar to ALF in construction. Residents in a larger personal care home will hire supplemental care to assist them during the day, along with adaptive equipment or modifications to their rooms.

This course will instruct how to start your own Personal Care Home and focuses on the differences in cost, insurance, size, design, supervision and assistance, meals, nutrition, forms of personal care homes .This course comes with a business plan which received $2 million from the SBA and a 3 year profit and loss.